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Our Teas &

 Tea Accessories

Our goal is to share with the world the unique and harmonious experience of drinking superior Pu'er tea. We provide tea sets for collectors and to make your teatime more exciting.

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Shop Our Online Selections

View our finest teas, and check back to see whats new in our online store! **Wholesale available as well**

Drink with Confidence

Highest-Quality Guaranteed 

We're proud of the craftsmanship in our tea, and you'll taste the difference too.

Wellness Benefits

For centuries, pu-er teas have been widely used and praised as a cure for low-spirits. 

100% Ethically Sourced

We only use products that are obtained with responsible and sustainable methods. 

Excite Your Senses

Surprise your taste buds with a diverse range of  bold flavors and bright colors.

Complimentary Tea Tastings

We invite you to join us in the relaxing atmosphere of our tea shop for a complimentary tea tasting to experience for yourself the peace and enchantment of pu-erh tea while also learning about the history and process of what makes this tea so sought-after. Regular tea tastings are always available during normal business hours. 

Life is like tea... It's all about how you make it. 


The Finest Silver Accessories

          We also offer handmade jewelry for men, women, and children. All pieces are made of 999.9 pure grade silver. Accessories available in store at our West Sahara location, only. Limited options available, so hurry and pick what you like!

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